What We Offer Enterprises

Maintaining synchronized operations across a number of locations spread around the world is difficult to coordinate. eSchedule can seamlessly integrate across your entire organization allowing multiple levels of users different access, whether they are an employee at one location or a district manager overseeing an entire group of stores.


You will be able to optimize labor demand based on your historical system data and ensure you always have the employee coverage to handle sudden peaks in customer demand.


eSchedule is the most powerful and scalable solution that is still simple enough for small business use. Enterprises must be able to maintain control over their operations, no matter how expansive and far-reaching they might be. Taking your scheduling process to the cloud means you will have the ability to access your work schedules from any location, on most web-enabled devices. eSchedule’s role-based scheduling allows your district managers to have control over all locations in their region, managers to be in charge of


scheduling at a store level, and employees to interact with their assigned shifts.

Unlike other enterprise software, eSchedule focuses exclusively on building the most robust and intuitive scheduling platform available. The world’s leading eyeglass retailer brand trusts eSchedule to manage over nine hundred locations and depends on our ability to support employees at multiple locations, integrate with their SAP system, and minimize training requirements.

React & Optimize

Businesses are dynamic and must constantly react to unexpected changes. eSchedule responds to these changes by providing visibility into events that can affect your schedules and employees, using a combination of notifications and dashboards. For example, a missed shift or unexpected increase in labor demand can instantly generate an open shift that your employees are able to fill, all in real-time.

Shift Guidance™ uses proprietary algorithms that anticipate demand and optimize scheduling using your historical ERP and POS data. This helps to reduce labor overruns and can even increase sales by scheduling the right number of employees to service fluctuating demand. Managers can automatically fill in optimal shift coverage using the templates that Shift Guidance™ generates.

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Professional Services

eSchedule Professional Services offers your organization assistance deploying a Shift Guidance™ strategy and integration of your systems.

Professional Services also provides bulk employee loading to ensure your organization’s most up to date roster is available in eSchedule. We can create customized reports to display labor data from eSchedule next to other organizational data such as sales, and have it update daily in your account. Organization-wide training options are available to ensure a smooth deployment of eSchedule into your enterprise.