Easy-to-use Scheduling

Easily schedule hundreds of practitioners at multiple locations without conflict.

Absence Management

The approval workflow enables managers to accept or decline requests.

Training and Support

Configure the skills, seniority and certifications of your practitioners.

Veterinarians make poor massage therapists. A physician scheduled simultaneously at two clinics has a difficult time attending to patients. EMS pilots can administer treatment while flying but probably shouldn’t. What is our point? The right practitioners seeing the right patients at the right time is critical for successful and efficient health care. Easy error-free scheduling that is up-to-the-moment accurate is an essential component of keeping your ‘rights’ aligned correctly.

Medical Services Achieve Clarity with eSchedule

Are you able to see where your practitioners are… can they? eSchedule members do. In addition to scheduling our medical community capitalizes on eSchedule’s features to share professionals between locations, coordinate home care, eliminate overlapping shifts, and easily manage/track vacations graphically.

“Now I no longer have to be in 2 places at once!!!”

( our favorite medical employee comment )

Supporting the Health Care Industry and their People:

  • the need to compile and check various schedules for shift conflicts is gone
  • allows a complete overview of all services at a given location
  • the simplest way to allow doctors time off of while keeping clinics staffed

Scheduling multiple locations and over 100 employees?