The eSchedule Team

The only way to describe the team behind eSchedule is time-obsessed, and for good reason. Time, the most valuable non-renewable resource, cannot be rewritten or reproduced. Our mission at eSchedule is to automate the scheduling process, so you will be able to significantly reduce the time you spend on administrative activities and instead have the time to focus on business development. We do this by providing you with a quick setup and intuitive application that ensures your mobile workforce is always at the right place at the right time. We are driven by the belief that your time is our essence.

We realized that to achieve our mission, three functionalities would need to be highlighted: optimization, instantaneous communication and customization. Way back in 2005, we brought these concepts to employee scheduling and eSchedule was born – as a result, we have a lot of time and experience under our belts.

The Optimization Side of eSchedule

The optimization component was achieved when we paired an intuitive design with easy-to-use scheduling functionality. We first introduced efficiency by turning traditionally time-consuming processes such as trading shifts, requesting time-off and generating schedules, into flexible workflows for both managers and employees. Then we created Shift Guidance™, which uses algorithms to anticipate future demand and schedule accordingly. To further enhance its ability to scale, we made sure eSchedule could handle an infinite number of locations, employees and schedules. The result allows you to automate processes, assign your most qualified staff by default, manage time off, fill shifts quicker and create optimized schedules.

The Communication Side of eSchedule

We realized that we couldn’t optimize employee scheduling without the ability to have efficient communication. As a result, eSchedule is online (Software-as-a-Service) so that all users can gain access to real-time schedules anytime, anywhere, and on most web-enabled devices. To ensure all staff would always be up to date, we included notifications by email and SMS that alert employees of upcoming shifts and inform managers of any pending requests. Dashboards in eSchedule also display this information and help managers take action as soon as possible. By utilizing third-party calendar synchronization, your workforce will always know when their upcoming shifts are as the schedule will be displayed on their preferred calendar application.

The Customization Side of eSchedule

In order to provide enterprise clients a complete solution, we wanted to offer integration, loading, reporting and training services. As a result, our Professional Services Team was established to handle the integration of an organization’s ERP and POS data with eSchedule, bulk-load rosters, create customized reports, and provide company-wide training. Therefore, our Professional Services Team and eSchedule have the ability to meet your unique business needs.

eSchedule Today

We recognize that each client is distinct and has their own set of needs to fulfill. From our small to midsize business customers who coordinate less than 100 employees, all the way to multinational enterprises that control multiple locations and rely on eSchedule to provide optimized business solutions, our members have provided us with a vast amount of experience. As a result, we will continue to develop and add new functionality to eSchedule.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to sign-up for our free 15-day trial and discover how eSchedule can address your organization’s unique needs.