Reduce the effort for employers & employees to schedule absences

Accept/Decline Workflow

To request an absence, your employees simply log-in to select the date(s) they need off and what type of time off they are taking. Managers are notified of this request and they are able to accept or decline it. If an employee calls in sick, managers can reflect this on their schedule by creating an absence on behalf of the employee and having it automatically approved.

Vacation Workflow

Notifications to Phone

Uses Real-time Notifications

If an employee at your location submits their time-off, you can automatically receive an email notification that reminds you further action must be taken to approve or decline their request. All pending requests will also display on your Manager Action Dashboard.

Conflict Avoidance

When an employee’s time off request has been approved, the system will automatically know they are unavailable to work and won’t show them as an option to schedule. If an employee books time off during a day they are already scheduled, they will be notified that a request cannot be made. This saves managers and employees confusion when coordinating absences.

Conflict Avoidance

Absence Report

Reporting & Audit History

You can easily keep track of each employee’s total absence days in any given year with the summary widget in their profile. Employees are also able to see an overview of their total past and future absence requests. Detailed reports give administrators insight into all absence requests that have been made and who they were approved by, making for a quick audit history.

Multiple Types

You have the ability to track the reason for your employee’s time off and can reflect the options available to your organization. Once set, your employees can choose the best type that fits their request and that information will be displayed on the schedule and in reports.

Time-off Types

Notifications to Phone

Easy Communication

Logging in through our mobile application allows employees to easily submit absence requests on-the-go, and gives managers the ability to respond to them immediately. The comment box provides both party’s with a space to include further reasoning for why an absence request is being made, or why it cannot be approved.