New Version and Updated Look

Your eSchedule team is happy to announce our new version with an updated user interface that furthers our goal of improving scheduling efficiency to save your scheduling managers time.

New Interface

Our online employee scheduling software will continue to ensure your employees are always in the right place at the right time. We have collected feedback on our user interface for over two years and are excited to have incorporated it into this release. This new version will give scheduling managers more freedom to choose a scheduling view that best suits their needs and customize various settings, such as shift colors, to quickly identify when a schedule is complete. The updated user interface helps employees use eSchedule to its full potential by providing simpler ways to view, accept and trade shifts. For a more detailed list of what changes were made to the application, check out the Version 4.0 Release Notes.

Refreshed Website and Trial

We have also refreshed our front-end look and updated our entire webpage to better address customer segments. This enables both enterprise and small-to-midsize business customers to discover the features and information that are most relevant to them. Further, we want to give all businesses the opportunity to take part in these exciting new changes and will no longer require a credit card to access the eSchedule free trial. Upon sign-up, our concierge service will be available to assist you in setting up your account and optimizing it to fit your business requirements.

Web Presence

Lastly, the eSchedule team understands the importance of simplicity in its software and wants to carry that over to customer interaction. As a result we are re-launching our social media platforms to give our customers and friends even more opportunities to reach us. We would love for you to find us on Google Plus, send us a tweet or connect on LinkedIn and to let us know your thoughts on these updates.