Case Study

Business Overview

Demitasse, two LA coffee shops, are big on sourcing local ingredients and roasting their own coffee, one batch at a time. These cafés are comprised of a small number of coffee geeks who love tinkering with espresso, coffee and tea to create a truly unique customer experience each time.

Desired Objectives:

  • Had very specific set of requirements
  • Simply create shifts without all the extra complications
  • Ease of use
  • Cost effective
  • Ability to configure organization settings

Business Details

Business Name:
Demitasse Café
Food & Beverage Services
Number of Staff:
18 employees
Previous Method:

Challenges Faced:

Demitasse was looking for a scheduling solution before even opening the doors to their coffee shop. They only needed to schedule at two locations and ultimately wanted to speed up the often cumbersome scheduling process. As they didn’t have complicated needs, Demitasse needed something that would be easy to set-up and would simply create shifts, without the difficulty of multiple rules. Lastly, as a start-up business they wanted to be as economical as possible and needed something that would remain a low cost.

Implemented Solution

There are many solutions out there that incorporate complex scheduling functionality; however, when it comes to a small business like this, something easy and straightforward is generally best. Demitasse didn’t need a complete workforce management system that would encompass all aspects of their business, as that would just add unnecessary complications. Basic solutions like Microsoft Excel® didn’t address their need to speed up the scheduling process nor would it allow for real-time communication with employees. Demitasse wanted to reduce time scheduling and keep their employees in the loop, which meant a system that was accessible to all levels of staff.

Demitasse found that “Of the dozens of scheduling tools [they] looked at and tested, eSchedule met [their] specific requirements. eSchedule allows you to create shifts and is easy to configure without being overly complicated or cumbersome.” The solution addressed all their requirements while offering the ability to easily configure settings and remain cost effective. Employees are happy because they have consistent clarity over their schedule and there is no ambiguity as to when they work. As a result of this implementation, Demitasse has never printed a schedule, reduced time spent organizing shifts and has eliminated all frustration related to scheduling.


  • Haven’t printed a single schedule since implementation
  • Scheduling is quick and easy
  • No ambiguity for employees trying to know when they work

“eSchedule does exactly what I want it to do”
Bobak Roshan (Owner)


eSchedule was among dozens of scheduling tools that Demitasse had looked at, but stood out because it satisfied the needs of a small startup business. With a simple set-up, configurable settings, intuitive communication tools, and an affordable price, eSchedule has been a great fit for the café’s needs. It has been over two years since Demitasse launched and we continue to support their business needs.